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Program - Tuesday 25 July

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Room Plenary Hall 2-3
8:30 8.30am: Plenary
Professor Frances Arnold
Californian Institute of Technology, USA
5 mins travel time
Room Room 208 Room 209 Room 210 Room 211
  Biomass Conversion Session
Chair: Sankar Bhattacharya
Rheology and Fluid Mechanics
Chair: Nicky Eshtiaghi
Bioengineering and Biotechnology
Chair: Mark Taylor
Water Science & Engineering
Chair: Peter Gostomski
9:35 Selectivity engineering in sustainable production of chemicals, fuels and energy from biomass and carbon dioxide
G.D. Yadav
Viscous behaviour of thickened waste activated sludge during thermal hydrolysis processes
Kevin Hii
The ‘near real’ approach to the development of in-vitro digestion track models for animals and human – a multidisciplinary work initially from a bio-inspired chemical engineering viewpoint
Xiao Dong Chen
Dealing with saline effluent – what are the options for the dairy industry?
Sandra Kentish
9:50 Particle suspension rheology: a multiscale rheological problem
Heather Shewan
Mesoscale modelling of multi-peptide adsorption on uncharged solid surfaces that strongly interact with water molecules
Jie Xiao
Rapid performance analysis of activated carbon point-of-use water filters
Martin Sweetman
10:05 Depolymerization of cellulosic biomass by carbon catalysts
Atsushi Fukuoka
Crossflow gas-particle heat and mass transfer
Tristan Lambert
Remaking academic - industry relationships for the mining and minerals processing industries
Stephen Grocott
Ferric carbide nanocrystals encapsulated in nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes as an outstanding environmental catalyst
Chen Wang
10:20 Slurry Process for Hydrolysis of Cellulose Using Heterogeneous Carbon Catalyst
Abhijit Shrotri
Outcomes of microscale drop and bubble collisions
Joseph Berry
Development of a mobile groundwater desalination system for communities in rural India
Qiyuan Li
10:35 Morning tea (25 mins)
Room Room 208 Room 209 Room 210 Room 211
  Catalysis Session 
Chair: Suresh Bhargava
Food and Food Waste Processing
Chair: Rajesh Ramanathan
Keynote (Co-badged with Carbon)
Chair: Mark Taylor
Water Science & Engineering 
Chair: Peter Gostomski
11:00 Title TBC
S. Chandrasekhar
Time and space translation from 1977 America to 2016 Australia for potato production
Tim Langrish
The road ahead for solar and bioenergy technologies
Martin Keller
Comparison testing of akaganeite synthesised from waste red mud in the context of water treatment
Rachel Pepper
11:15 Effect of viscosity on electrical conductivity in liquid foods
Ken Morison
Kinetic and mass transport limitations of the electrochemical oxidation of 4-nitrophenol in parallel with the oxygen evolution reaction
Asadollah Kariman
11:30 Tuning the interplay between metal and carbon towards efficient energy conversion reactions
Xunyu Lu
Process simulation of hydrothermal treatment of organic solid waste
Tajammal Munir
Carbon dioxide activation over ceria-based composite oxides
Ken Chiang
The impact of toluene and xylene on the performance of cellulose triacetate membranes for CO2 capture
Hiep Thuan Lu
5 mins travel time
Room Plenary Hall 2-3
  Chemeca Conference Plenary (Co-Badged with Carbon)
Chair: Gary Bowman
11:45 Challenges and opportunities in energy materials
Max Lu
12:30 Lunch (45 mins)
Room Room 208 Room 209 Room 210 Room 211
  Future of Chemical Engineering Forum
Chair: Jon Prichard
Nanotechnology Session
Chair: Raymond Dagastine
Separation Technologies
Chair: Sandra Kentish
Catalysis and Membranes & Fuel Cells
Chair: Akshat Tanksale
13:15 2016 Chemeca Medal Lecture

My epic journey

Russell Scott

Interfacial assembly and engineering of ordered functional mesoporous materials
Dongyuan Zhao
Carbon capture and utilisation via two-stage aqueous mineral carbonation
Timothy Oliver
Boron doped transition metal catalysts: first principles investigation of their structure, activity and electronic properties
Samir Mushrif
13:30 Biomimetic nanozyme sensors: from environmental to clinical diagnostics
Vipul Bansal
Pelletised polyethyleneimine-MCF silica for the capture of CO2 from air
Romesh Wijesiri
New seeding strategies for synthesis of metal-organic framework membranes
Huanting Wang
13:45 Chemeca Future of Chemical Engineering Forum Inorganic nanocrystals functionalized mesoporous silica: from symmetry to asymmetry
Xiaomin Li
Solvent extraction studies for thorium ion distribution using TBP in kerosene
Sayanasri Varala
Efficient formation of thin molecular sieving ZIF-8 membrane with very high gas permeance on polydopamine-polyethyleneimine coated PVDF support
Jingwei Hou
14:00 Synthesis of VO2@SiO2 core-shell nanoparticles for smart window applications
Song Li
Absorption of HgCl2 in water at 25°C at trace concentration
Fenny Kho
Continuous flow hydrogenation using catalytic static mixers
Christian Hornung
14:15 Facile Synthesis of CaO/BaTiO3 Nanocomposite as a Novel Sensitive layer for CO2 Gas Detection
Shravanti Joshi
Alternative wash and separation methodologies for micro- and nanomaterial production: technoeconomic evaluation
Emily Killoran
Polymeric membranes for helium separation and purification
Colin Scholes
14:30 Insights into functional and textural properties of MIL-53 metal organic frameworks for adsorptive removal of toxic antibiotics
Muhammad Rizwan Azhar
Extraction of tritium from water using membrane containing protonic manganese oxide spinel
Hideki Koyanaka
Flowsheet simulation of solid oxide fuel cell based combined heat and power systems: a study on operational risks
Khaliq Ahmed
14:45 Fabrication of rosin nanoparticle containing phenolic extract from acacia auriculiformis bark as antifungal bamboo preservative
Euscel Salvador
Improved column flotation performance for beneficiation of difficult-to-float coals
Junyu Wang
A study of economic viability of membrane integrated chemical looping air separation process
Khadijeh Paymooni
15:00 Building from Smoke: A new generation of high surface area porous semiconductor surfaces
Ahmad Esmaiel Zadeh Kandjani
Production of high-purity magnesium oxide from victorian brown coal fly ash
Tahereh Hosseini
Development of a very stable LIX84I-based polymer inclusion membrane (PIM) for the extraction and transport of Cu(II) from ammoniacal solutions
Duo Wang
15:15 Coffee break (25 mins)
Room Room 208 Room 209 Room 210 Room 211
Chair: Raj Parthasarathy
Chair: Raymond Dagastine
Chair: Govind Gupta
Chair: TBC
15:40 Accelerating High Value Manufacturing – New Zealand Case Studies
Mark Taylor
Peptide-conjugated solid lipid nanoparticles for targeted delivery of polyphenolic bioactive EGCG as an anti-cancer therapeutic against breast cancer
Rasika Radhakrishnan
Catalysis for fine chemical synthesis
Lakshmi Kantam
A CFD-DEM simulation of food drying process 
Jannatul Azmir
15:55 Engineering VO2 nanoparticles for smart coating applications
Xuchuan Jiang
Investigation of various drying processes for the removal of moisture from naproxen sodium pharmaceutical powder and characteristics of the tablets
Maha Al-Ali
5 mins travel time
Room Plenary Hall 2-3
  2017 Chemeca Medal Winner
Chair: Suresh Bhargava
16:10 Title TBC
17:00 5pm: Plenary
Dr Laura Kiessling
University of Wisconsin, USA
19:00 Chemeca Awards of Excellence Dinner
Date: Tuesday 25 July 2017
Time: 7.30pm - 10.30pm
Venue: Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)
Tickets: AUD $115.00 per person (Inc GST)