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Program Overview

Sunday 23 July Monday 24 July Tuesday 25 July Wednesday 26 July Thursday 27 July Friday 28 July
8.30am: Opening Ceremony Dr Alan Finkel Chief Scientist, Australia

9.15am: Plenary Professor Andrew B. HolmesAustralian Academy of Science, Australia
8.30am: Plenary Professor Frances ArnoldCalifornian Institute of Technology, USA
8.30am: Plenary Professor Ada E. Yonath Helen and Milton A. Kimmelman Center for
Biomolecular Structure, Israel
8.30am: Plenary Professor Oliver Einsle Spemann Graduate School of Biology and Medicine
Freiburg, Germany
8.30am: Plenary Professor Nieng Yan Tsinghua University, China
6th Asian Conference on Coordination Chemistry (ACCC6) IC17 - Inorganic Chemistry
RACI /17th Asian Chemical Congress (ACC) Polymer Chemistry
RACI/17th Asian Chemical Congress (ACC) Physical Chemistry
The World Conference on Carbon 2017
RACI/17th Asian Chemical Congress (ACC) Health Safety and Environment Chemistry
RACI/17th Asian Chemical Congress (ACC) Analytical and Environmental Chemistry
8th International Conference on Green and Sustainable Chemistry Conference (GSC8)
RACI/17th Asian Chemical Congress (ACC) Radio Chemistry
Chemeca Conference
    Science Chemistry Innovation Seminar   Science Chemistry Innovation Seminar A2CS early career research workshop
11th Asian International Medicinal Chemistry Symposia (AIMECS)
RACI/17th Asian Chemical Congress (ACC) Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology (MCCB)
18th Tetrahedron Symposium Asian Edition
The Asia Hub for e-Drug Discovery (AHeDD) Symposium
SupraMolecular Symposium
RACI/17th Asian Chemical Congress (ACC) Organic Chemistry
        ACES [materials]  
RACI/17th Asian Chemical Congress (ACC) Materials Chemistry
RACI/17th Asian Chemical Congress (ACC) Electro Chemistry
RACI/17th Asian Chemical Congress (ACC) Interfaces, Colloids, and Nanomaterials
RACI/17th Asian Chemical Congress (ACC) Fluorescence Symposium
RACI/17th Asian Chemical Congress (ACC) Chemistry Education
5pm: Plenary Andrew Liveris Dow Chemical, USA 6pm: Welcome Reception Venue: Melbourne Convention Centre
5pm: Plenary Professor Molly Stevens Imperial College of London, UK
5pm: Plenary Dr Laura Kiessling University of Wisconsin, USA
5pm: Plenary Dr Alexander Makarov Thermo Fisher Scientific Bremen, Germany
5pm: Plenary Professor Robert Grubbs Californian Institute of Technology, USA
  Poster sessions Poster sessions Poster sessions Poster sessions Poster sessions
  Health Safety and Environment DinnerTime: 7:00pm
Venue: Melbourne Aquarium
Tickets: AUD $120.00 pp
Chemeca Dinner Time: 7.30pm - 10.30pm
Venue: Melbourne Cricket Ground
Tickets: AUD $115.00 pp
17ACC/ACCC6 Dinner Time: 7.00pm - 10.30pm
Venue: Melbourne Convention Centre
Tickets: AUD $120.00 pp
Congress Centenary Celebration Dinner Time: 7.00pm – 10.00pm
Venue: South Wharf Promenade
Tickets: AUD $130.00 pp
GSC8 Dinner Time: 7.30pm - 10.30pm
Venue: Melbourne Museum
Tickets: AUD $130.00 pp
AIMECS Time: 7.30pm - 10.30pm
Venue: Munich Brauhaus
Tickets: AUD $55.00 pp
The World Conference on Carbon 2017 Time: 7.30pm - 10.30pm
Venue: Rivers Edge
Tickets: AUD $115.00 pp
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Abstract submission Now Closed
Abstract acceptance / rejection notification by April 2017
Pitch deck submission deadline extended to 20 June 2017
Selected candidates notification 7 July 2017
Final full paper submission deadline 30 June 2017

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Early bird registration deadline 7 May 2017
Chem-E-Car entries close 30 June 2017
Welcome reception 23 July 2017
Chemeca 2017 dates 23-26 July 2017
RACI Congress dates 23-28 July 2017
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