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Program - Tuesday 25 July

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Room Plenary Hall 2-3
08:30 8.30am: Plenary
Professor Frances Arnold
Californian Institute of Technology, USA
09:30 5 mins travel time
Room Room 213
  ACS session 1 Epigenetics
Chair: Pat Woster
09:35 Targeting epigenetic reader domains with medicinal chemistry and chemical biology
Stuart Conway
10:20 Discovery and evaluation of bromodomain inhibitors
Gunda Georg
10:35 Discovery of novel agents that reverse HIV-1 latency
William Nguyen
10:50 Morning tea (25 mins)
Room Room 213
Regenerative Medicine and Biomaterials
Chair: David Winkler
11:15 Nanomaterials for ultrasensitive biosensing
Molly Stevens
12:00 Promotion for AIMECS 2019
Esin Aki-Yalcin
Room Plenary Hall 2-3
  ACS session 2 Epigenetics
Chair: David Winkler
12:15 Discovery of isozyme-selective lysine demethylase inhibitors and deacetylase inhibitors
Takayoshi Suzuki
13:00 Lunch (60 mins)
  ACS session 3 Epigenetics
Chair: Stuart Conway
14:00 Small molecule epigenetic modulators for use in non-cancer diseases
Pat Woster
14:45 Development and Delivery of Cyclic Peptides as Potential Anti-Infective Agents
Nicolas Barlow
15:00 Bioorthogonal Prodrug Activation
Allan Gamble
15:15 Development of prodrug desgins activated by nitroreductase
Andrew Tang
15:30 Coffee break (25 mins)
Room Room 213 Room 215
  CNS/Cancer session
Chair: Belinda Abbott
Medicinal Chemistry
Chair: Esin Aki-Yalcin
15:55 Novel phenylpiperazine derivatives targeting mitochondria as Alzheimer disease drug candidate
Arie Gruzman
Rational Design of Triphenylphosphonium Derivatives for Enhanced Mitochondrial Uptake
Felipe Garcia
16:10 Peptide BDNF mimetics, with central and peripheral nervous system actions
Susan Northfield
Inhibition of Rce1 Disrupts RAS Localisation In Human Cells
Shahienaz Hampton
16:25 Development of new anti-metastatic agents via sialyltransferase inhibition
Danielle Skropeta
A novel PPAR pan-agonist, 2-(4-(5,6-methylenedioxybenzo[d]thiazol-2-yl)-2-methyl phenoxy)-2-methylpropanoic acid (MHY2013) in the treatment of metabolic disorders
Sultan Ullah
16:40 Heparan sulfate glycomimetic clusters - Beta - secretase inhibitors in Alzheimer's disease
Olga Zubkova
Functionalized benzimidazoles as novel theranostic sirtuin inhibitors
Keng Yoon Yeong
5 mins travel time
Room Plenary Hall 2-3
17:00 5pm: Plenary
Dr Laura Kiessling
University of Wisconsin, USA