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Program - Friday 28 July

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Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology Division

Room Plenary Hall 2-3
08:30 8.30am: Plenary
Professor Nieng Yan
Tsinghua University, China
  5 mins travel time
Room Room 109
  Session 1
Chair: Martin Scanlon
9:35 Fragment-Based Drug Discovery: Pitfalls, Developments, and Opportunities
Daniel Erlanson
10:20 Finding fragments and following them up: lessons learned
Brad Doak
10:35 The mode of action of a novel molecule targeting cancer
Christoph Grohmann
10:50 Morning tea (25 mins)
Room Room 109
  Session 2
Chair: Mary Collins
11:15 Adrien Albert Award Lecture
Michael Kassiou
11:55 Graham Johnston Best Thesis Award Lecture
WenYi Li
12:20 Design of broad spectrum antibacterial coatings for biomedical applications
Dave Winkler
12:40 Synthesis and Application of Unnatural Amino Acids for Structural Biology
Luke Adams
13:00 Lunch (60 mins)
Room Room 109
  Session 3
Chair: Michael Kassiou
14:00 Optimisation of a potent antimalarial class with in vivo activity
Brad Sleebs
14:20 Tuning GLP-1 Ligands Into Biased-Agonists Of GLP-1R Through Structural Constraints
Tim Hill
14:40 Conformational Control by Stereospecific Fluorination for Enhanced Protein Specificity
Fei Lui
15:00 DMLs Targeting Dopamine D2, Serotonin 5‐HT2A, and Muscarinic M1 Receptors
Monika Szabo
15:15 Octapeptins: Last-Resort Antibiotics to Treat MDR Polymyxin-Resistant Bacteria
Mark Blaskovich
15:30 Coffee break (25 mins)
Room Room 109
  Session 4
Chair: Renate Griffith
15:55 Second-Generation Analogues of the "new" TB Drug Bedaquiline
William Denny
16:35 Cyclic dinucleotides as mucosal vaccine adjuvants and bacterial second messengers
Tony Yan
  5 mins travel time
Room Plenary Hall 2-3
17:00 5pm: Plenary
Professor Robert Grubbs
Californian Institute of Technology, USA