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It is my great pleasure to warmly invite all drug discovery researchers to The Asia Hub for e-Drug Discovery (AHeDD) Symposium 2017.

AHeDD focuses on the computational drug design aspects of drug discovery and development. This field continues to increase in importance as it increasingly imparts greater efficiency to all aspects of drug discovery and development.

The history of AHeDD dates back almost 15 years, when Dr Akiyama and Dr No proposed and established a platform for exchange of electronic data in drug discovery (see These same two individuals have been instrumental in facilitating several important symposia that have taken place since. A recent highlight was AHeDD 2014. This highly successful symposium, with organizing chairs Dr Hua-liang Jiang (China), Dr Yutaka Akiyama (Japan), Dr Kyoung Tai No (Korea), Dr Yu-quan Wei (China) and executive chairs Dr Sheng-yong Yang (China) and Dr Wei-liang Zhu (China), took place in the wonderful city of Chengdu and featured speakers from China, Korea, Japan and Australia.

This brings me back to AHeDD 2017. Building on the momentum established in 2014, a specific and high impact program tailored is currently being assembled, with significant interest already registered by prominent scientists in Korea, China, Japan, Malaysia and Australia. Although AHeDD 2017 will have a distinct profile, attendance at AHeDD 2017 will be rewarded by access to a very large drug discovery program, as we have chosen AHeDD 2017 to dovetail with RACI centenary celebrations during July 2017, synergizing in particular with AIMECS2017, with total registrant attendance anticipated to be well over 3,500.

We look forward to seeing you in Melbourne, the world's most liveable city 2011-2015.

Jonathan Baell

Chair, AHeDD, 2017

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  • AHeDD 2017 26-27 July 2017
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