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Program - Friday 28 July

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Room Plenary Hall 2-3
8:30 8:30am: Plenary
Professor Nieng Yan
Tsinghua University, China
5 mins travel time
Room Plenary Hall 3
9:35 RACI Burrows Award
Chair: Philip Andrews
Triangles, guest sensors, immobilised SMMs, and active catalysts
Sally Brooker
10:35 Morning tea (25 Mins)
Room Room 220 Room 215 Room 217 Room 218 Room 219 Room 214
  2 - Coordination Polymers/MOFs
Chair: Lyall Hanton
7 - Solid State Chemistry & Nanochemistry
Chair: David Harding
3 - Organometallic Chemistry & Catalysis
Chair: Ching-Wen Chiu
5 - Molecular Magnetism
Chair: Stuart Batten
1 - Bioinorganic and Metals in Medicine
Chair: Wenfang Sun
8 - Energy Conversion & Storage
Chair: Shigeyuki Masaoka
11:00 Nano/mesoscale ‘soft’ metal-organic frameworks: Interplay between morphology/size and functionality
Tapas Maji
Non-coulombic ionic crystals with cobalt(III)-gold(I) complex cations and inorganic anions
Takumi Konno
Synthesis of ene-diamido rare-earth complexes and their catalytic applications
Chun-Ming Cui
Symmetry strategy towards high-performance single-molecule magnets
Ming-liang Tong
A ruthenium(III)-oxyl complex having an N-heterocyclic carbene ligand
Takahiko Kojima
Metal complexes and Moore
Paul Low
11:30 Synthesis and characterisation of bimetallic cobalt-ruthenium nanoparticles as a Fischer-Tropsch catalyst
Matthys Loedolff
Frustrated Lewis pairs like reactivity of rare-earth metal complexes
Xin Xu
Anticancer organometallic compounds of anti-inflammatory oxicams: Bioanalytical studies and cytotoxicity
Muhammad Hanif
Artificial photosynthesis by light absorption, charge separation, and photoredox catalysis
Han-Sen Soo
11:45 Modulation of layered structures of metal carboxylate complexes by cations
Jubaraj Bikash Baruah
Molecular Metal wires: From homonuclear metal strings to heteronuclear metal strings
Shie-ming Peng
Electronic structure contributions to reactivity in high valent iron model complexes
Shengfa Ye
Decoupling of spin crossover and cystallographic phase change
Phimphaka Harding
Metal-dependent thermal stability of DNA duplexes containing 5-hydroxyuracil nucleobases
Yusuke Takezawa
Synthesis of chirality specific SWCNTs with potential perovskite solar-cell applications
Sharali Malik
12:00 3D hofmann clathrate [MPt(CN)4]∞ (M=Co,Ni) synthesized by postsynthetic reductive elimination
Shinya Takaishi
pi-Electron quantum magnetism in ionic polyaromatic hydrocarbons
Kosmas Prassides
Development of functionalized iridium complexes for biological and material sciences
Shin Aoki
Bio-inspired efficient electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction in fuel cells
Jin Gang Liu
12:15 Anion/solvent influences on Ag(I) architectures containing flexible asymmetric ligands
Marina Roxburgh
12:30 Lunch (60 Mins)
Room Room 220 Room 215 Room 217 Room 218 Room 219 Room 214
  2 - Coordination Polymers/MOFs
Chair: Tapas Maji
7 - Solid State Chemistry & Nanochemistry
Chair: Shie-Ming Peng
3 - Organometallic Chemistry & Catalysis
Chair: Chunming Cui
5 - Molecular Magnetism
Chair: Keith Murray
1 - Bioinorganic and Metals in Medicine
Chair: Richard Keene
8 - Energy Conversion & Storage
Chair: Peter Junk
13:30 Phosphine complexes catalysed asymmetric P-H and As-H addition reactions
Pak Hing Leung
Porous molecular magnets
Hitoshi Miyasaka
Structural influences dictating the antimicrobial activity of bismuth complexes
Phil Andrews

13:50 Design of chiral metal-organic frameworks for asymmetric heterogeneous catalysts
Yong Cui
Rational design of noncentrosymmetric (NCS) materials
Kang Min Ok
Pentanuclear iron catalysts for water oxidation
Shigeyuki Masaoka
14:00 B−H···π interaction: A new type of nonclassical hydrogen-bonding
Hong Yan
Inelastic neutron scattering and spin wave theory for molecular magnetism
Richard Mole
Organelle-targeting and microenvironment-sensitive anticancer phosphorescent metal complexes
Cai-Ping Tan
14:15 Catch and release in tuneable coordination polymers
Aloysius Dharma
Enhanced NLO of porphyrin covalently functionalized graphene and carbon nanotube
Chi Zhang
Rhodium porphyrin catalyzed hydrodebromination with water
Kin Shing Chan
Magnetic and photophysical investigation of versatile rare-earth-dioxolene systems
Elodie Rousset
Ir(III)/Ru(II) complexes as reverse saturable absorbers and theranostic PDT agents
Wenfang Sun
14:30 Solvent-triggered electronic state modulation in a layered ferrimagnet
Jun Zhang
Hydrogenation of formic acid to methanol by iridium catalysts
Yuichiro Himeda
Coordination controllable single-molecule magnets with enhanced anisotropic energy barrier
Yanzhen Zheng
Photochemical hydrogen evolution based on metal complexes bearing redox-active ligands
Takeshi Matsumoto
14:45 Redox active metal-organic frameworks with multi-components in order
Qiaowei Li
Boron containing radicals
Ching-wen Chiu
Designing room temperature spin crossover materials
David Harding
The development of hydroxamic acid-based and 2-hydroxyisophthalamide-based chelates for PET imaging
Rebecca Karmis
Supramolecular thermocell consisting of ferrocene derivatives and β-CD
Teppei Yamada
15:00 Synthesis, structure, and superoxide dismutase activity of salen-manganese(III) perchlorate complex
Yusi Deawati
15:15 Coffee break (25 Mins)
Room Plenary Hall 1
15:40 ACCC Plenary
Chair: George Koutsantonis
New approaches to crystalline modular porous materials
Kimoon Kim
16:40 Conference Close
16:55 5 mins travel time
Room Plenary Hall 2-3
17:00 5pm: Plenary
Professor Robert Grubbs
Californian Institute of Technology, USA